Project Description

General Information for CBIP Project

CBP is an infrastructural project and as such it includes smart renewable solutions, enhance the economic development of Korca Region by creating new jobs and improving the standard of life for the people of the region. The Cross Border Infrastructural Project (CBIP) is mainly focused on the contribution to an integrated green economic development of the cross border area between Greece and Albania, providing examples of best practices in the production and the use of alternative forms of energy to meet the large scale energy demands, such as public facilities. In Albania the CBIP project consist on interventions in Fan Noli Promenade and the lightening of Korca’s ring road.

Target Groups of CBIP in Albania

The current target groups are:
– Project developers
– Local community and investors
– Decision makers at local authorities and public institutions in the cross border region
– Decision makers of private companies and investors in the cross border region

Objectives of CBIP in Albania

The project, for the cross border area between Greece and Albania, aims:
– Reconstruction of one of the main touristic path in Korça city.
– Improvement of the road network in Korça and the life of local community by using energy efficiency.

Expected results

– Completion of lightning system in Ring Road of Korçe and reconstruction of the touristic path Fan Noli Promenade.
– Enhancement of employment.
– Increased number of visitors.
– Better understanding of the advantages and increased acceptance of renewable energies and energy efficiency by citizens.
– Citizen’s awareness rising about the financial and the environmental benefits of implementing green technologies in small scale infrastructural projects.

Partners of CBIP Project

The Albanian partners, implementing the CBIP Project are:

– Prefecture of Korca Region (Lead partner)
– Municipality of Korca

The Greek partners of CBIP Project are:

– Region of Western Macedonia (Overall partner)
– Region of Epirus
– Region of Ionian Islands